My Deal Property LMS

Keep your listing safe with My Deal Property

LMS help you to create, manage and store property listing. It works beautifully on PC, Mac, tablets and smartphones.
There’s no software to install, you get upgrades automatically.Your data is secure and backed up for you.

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Why you need My Deal Property LMS?

LMS is the manage and posting listing solution for professional agents.

Post adz unlimited

Don't worry to pay more costing when you have thousand more listing to add, we provided a platform here to let you post it all. We promote all to everyone for you, be one of us, let's grow up together.

Share to all

LMS makes working together simple, when you add a listing, just a few clicks to share your listing to other listing website or social media website, let's explore your-self to get more sales, enjoy life and save times.

Management your listing

Still manage your listing by excel or hard copy document? With LMS, you get an extra layer of control, LMS help you calculation, estimate sales report and storing customer information, everything rests in your hand!

Keep your listing safe

Even if something happens to your computer, phone, or tablet, all the listing and customer contact in your account are safe. By the way, you also can call our customer service to freeze your account until you unlock it.

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A friendly buddy would be assigned to help you fit into our culture effortlessly before you even know it!

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Everything rests in the hands just RM 2 Per Day